Richland Creek Revival
by Mark Hayes, West Nashville Living

  England Park in West Nashville bordering Richland Creek

England Park in West Nashville bordering Richland Creek

It is hard to believe it was almost 8 years ago when the infamous flood of May 2010 hit Nashville.  I remember being cooped up at home that weekend with my wife, a newborn, and our dog in awe of how much rain kept coming wondering when it was going to stop.  Then the flood started to recede and I drove around West Nashville checking on our homes. I witnessed the aftermath of numerous people hauling personal belongings out to the curb.  One of the places hit the hardest was the Urbandale neighborhood that runs along Richland Creek bordered by Morrow Road.  

Sadly, an older couple, the England's, passed away in their home that weekend.  

Metro Nashville then gave some of the property owners along this area an option to sell their property at appraised value.  Turning a devastation into something good, Metro then turned 17 properties into England Park in memory of that couple.

Other homeowners quickly renovated their homes and recently new homes are being built as the Nations has become a popular place for many Nashvillians & visitors.

A stones throw from Richland Creek is 910 Trice Drive.  We purchased this property in July 2017.  Even though the lot is smaller than most of the lots in the Nations, the property is zoned to build 2 homes.  Since the property is partially in the flood zone there were not many developers looking to take on this project.  With these factors, we wanted to bring a new and unique product to the market.

  Interior of a similar home to 910 Trice Drive

Interior of a similar home to 910 Trice Drive

This home is a single family home with a flexible secondary apartment.  The main portion of the home is a two-story 1706 square foot home with a master suite downstairs (3 bedroom, 2.5 bath). The "guest quarters" is a 521 square foot 1 bedroom, 1 bath with kitchenette and separate utilities. Here are the many options for this home:

-Live in the main home and rent out the guest quarters.
-Live in the main home and use guest quarters for family and out of town guests.
-Live in the guest quarters and rent out the main home for higher rent income.
-Live in the main home, short term rental main home on weekends & stay in guest quarters on weekends.
-Live in the guest quarters as your personal residence, short term rental guest quarters and stay in the main home while rented.
-Use entire home for yourself.

With the recent short term rental changes that passed there are not as many available options but still a lot of people looking for accommodations others than hotels.

Multi-generational living is another phrase you may of heard. You may be a younger family or couple moving to Nashville, and your parents want to be close to you and  their grandchildren (or future grandchildren).

This home is the solution for you.

We will be completing this home in March so check out our instagram, facebook, or website for updates to setup a viewing.    

For more information, visit our For Sale Page.