Profile: Molly Sandlin, Office Manager


We have a new team member, Molly Sandlin, join us a couple of months ago and she fits in well with our group. Here is a little more background about her:

1)       Where are you from? Tell us about your family.

I was born and raised in the greater Chicago area and moved to Nashville in 2002. Although moving to the South was an adjustment, I immediately fell in love with the city and all it had to offer.  Ten years ago I married my husband, Micah. We have since been blessed with two incredible sons, Dylan (9) and Cale (5). Moving to Nashville on the brink of a real estate explosion has been an exciting experience. Back in Chicago my father and grandfather owned a mortgage, title, and insurance company. I can remember playing on the office switchboard, sending envelopes through the giant machines in the mail room, riding around with my dad taking pictures of homes for appraisals, collecting payments from his tenants in side real estate projects, and visiting jobsites to see how his side real estate endeavors were coming along. My first job was with a title company when I was 16 filing and taking old Polaroid photos of homes. At West Nashville Living, it is like reliving those days but with email and digital plans. My husband works in the wholesale HVAC commercial and residential business for one of the high end manufacturers and distributors. I have really gotten to see the inner workings of just how much Nashville has exploded peeking at projects he has worked on the last ten years. We will often drive through one of Nashville’s up and coming neighborhoods, and Micah will point out properties he has worked on with HVAC projects, local contractors, and engineers. It amazes me how much a city can grow in just fifteen years. It has been very exciting to be a part of that as a transplanted Nashville resident.


2)      What do you find rewarding about working with WNL?  

Becoming a part of West Nashville Living has been such a unique experience yet also very familiar. Now that my children are older, I finally have the availability to transition from the education business back over to the exciting world of real estate and development. Within just my first few months of joining West Nashville Living, I have already been able to see the unique intricacies of locating a new property, the process of making it beautiful, and the reward of passing it on to someone who is looking for just the right space to call home. I feel particularly rewarded at West Nashville Living because it is such a solid and welcoming team. In the admin role, I get to dabble in each part of the process and work with each person on the team in one facet or another. It is ever-changing, exciting, and all the more enjoyable being a part of team who is ethical, hardworking, and also fun!


3)         What would you do if you were not working at WNL?

If I was not working at West Nashville Living, I would most likely still be hunting for a professional team to join that I enjoy just as much with little to no avail!


4)      What do you enjoy doing when not at work?  

As a married mother of two boys (three counting my husband), much of my downtime is spent on the soccer fields and exploring this great city through their inquisitive eyes. I also love to read, kayak, fish, travel, and find relaxation in my hot yoga practice.