Home Spotlight: A Unique Mid-Century, April 2017


Here at West Nashville Living, we enjoy building different style homes that still complement the neighborhood. 4617 Michigan is a mid-century modern home completed in January 2017. Our goal was to stick to the design aesthetic while also making it livable and affordable. Here are a few core elements of mid-century design that we incorporated into the house:


  • Open Space:

A clean and open space made with warmer materials was a key component of this house. You will find that we incorporated this by making the kitchen, dining and living area all one continual space.  We kept the stairwell as open as possible so it could lead into a space to be used as an open office or sitting area.  We brought in the warmer materials by having all of the hardwood, cabinets, doors and vanities stained in varying warm colored stains.


  • Minimal, Functional & High Quality:

We used simple and clean cabinets that emphasized minimalism by using no cut-outs or elaborate hardware, but by using flush cabinets and hardware with angular design. The flat interior doors are all heavy solid-core for long-lasting durability. For the lighting we aimed to combine the iconic mid-century style with a contemporary silhouette and color palette. We selected fixtures with mid-century shapes like the globe pendants in the kitchen and an angular living room fan, but we choose brass and black finishes that kept them modern.


  • Simplified Colors:

We kept the color palette in the home simple yet elegant. The paint color palette consisted of varying shades of gray and white that started on the exterior brick and trim and continued throughout the whole interior. To keep with the simplicity we used flat white tile for all the wall tiles (showers and backsplash) and neutral colors for the tile floors. This allows the resident to bring in their own pops of color with their furnishings and home decor.   

  •  Full of Light

Incorporating light and a view of nature is an important aspect that we wanted to bring into this house. Since whole walls of glass were out of the question due to privacy purposes, we included as many windows into the home so that natural light could fill the space as much as possible. This is especially true in the downstairs living space.

  • Furniture Conversion

One of our favorite parts of this house is the master bathroom vanity that our General Contractor Dave created from an original mid-century buffet / credenza! We found the piece at Vintage Market in Bellevue.

From that beautiful vanity down to the solid wood doors, this home rented very quickly. The aim was to create a beautiful simple, efficient, and elegant home. Thank you to ProMark designs for creating the floor plan and elevations. We hope you loved taking a look inside.