Profile: Alice Walker, Real Estate Transaction Expert

Profile: Alice Walker, Real Estate Transaction Expert

I met Alice over 10 years ago when she represented some buyers purchasing a home I renovated. In conversations with her back then, I thought, "Wow, she knows what she is doing".  A lot of people think being a real estate agent is kind of glamorous.  They drive people around showing them pretty homes until they find one their clients want to buy and then they get a check about 30 days later.  That is not even part of the job.  A large part of an agent's work is once an offer is made and that is where Alice is so good.

To be a real estate agent you have to be a fair negotiator and be able to relate to buyers, sellers, and other real estate agents of all different backgrounds.   Alice treats everyone with respect, is friendly, and can be firm when she needs to be.  A real estate transaction has a lot of moving parts and Alice keeps it all together.  She is great with getting to the bottom of a problem and finding solutions quickly.

She also has a great feel for design, knows what buyers are wanting in a home and is not afraid to give her opinion.   In 2008, I had looked at a home to renovate in Sylvan Heights a few times and could not figure out how to make the floor plan better. I called Alice, she walked into the house and said, "Your gonna, knock down that stone fireplace, right?" After hearing her great suggestions she has been our main real estate agent ever since. 

Here is a little more insight about Alice and her work:

1) Why did you become a real estate agent?

I was given a great opportunity by a wonderful friend and incredible mentor, Christie Wilson.  I saw real estate was a chance to blend my passions and strengths into a career.

2) What is most rewarding about being a real estate agent?

I love so many aspects of my job.  Helping guide clients through one of the largest financial transactions of their life, introducing out of town clients to a new city they’ll soon love as much as I do.

One of the most rewarding is when after a transaction my client asks me if they can talk to me about getting their real estate license.  I always say of course and ask them why.  They reply, “because I love people and looking at houses like you.”  I think if that’s what they take away from a real estate transaction I’m pretty happy.

3) What are some of the changes you have seen in the business since you started?

Technology has had a major impact on real estate.
        ~ Mobility, not being at a desk or office or even at a computer.  Having the ability to complete a transaction without pen and paper has been an incredible game changer…but has also had it’s challenges.
        ~ Accessibility, smart phones with IM and DM and texting makes you accessible to your clients and other agents 24/7, not all changes are good.
        ~ Marketing,  the days of glossy, multi-page, spiral bound “mini book” information packets for marketing have been replaced by video tours, open houses by Emma email blasts

Information Philosophy Shift - this has seen many different stages.  First, came the shift from keeping our listing information guarded (I know, sounds crazy right!!) to trying to get as many people to see the information as possible.

Realtors being apprehensive about the public’s knowledge of the market to wanting to give them information and educate them on the market and trends in their area.

4) If you were not in real estate what would you do?

Prior to becoming a Realtor, I planned and coordinated events and dinners for a variety of clients ranging from non-profits, entertainers, professional athletes and vice presidents.  I would have continued in that area.