Home Design from Start to Finish
by Mark Hayes, West Nashville Living

December 2017

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Modern Farmhouse Style

This month I'd like to explain how we get from a vacant lot to a new home. 

This process is probably why I enjoy what I do the most.  We all have some creative side to us and so to take a vacant lot or an old home and transform it to something new or different is pleasing to me and the new homeowner.

The first step is figuring out from zoning and codes what size home or homes can be built on the lot. The factors are the zoning setbacks from the front, back and sides.  In the "urban core" of Nashville the big factor is how wide the homes can be.  

I then look at the homes on the block and the surrounding streets to get a sense of what style of home would fit.  If the lot is near more industrial buildings or streets it might make sense to do more of a modern style home.  If the lot is tucked away on a residential street with a mix of older & new homes we might lean toward more cottage style or traditional style.

While surveyors, engineers, and architects are working, we setup any demo and/or tree removal or trimming to get the site ready for building.

Once we get a survey complete and the house plans finalized we start the permit process with Metro codes and zoning. There are several departments that have to review your site plan and design such as public works for driveways and sidewalks and storm water for grading, eroding control, and green infrastructure controls such as rain gardens or modified french drains. 

After permitting and paying all permit fees we are ready to dig footers and start construction.  For one home our general contractor, Dave, coordinates with over 30 subcontractors and vendors as well as utility companies and codes inspectors.

After the plans but before we begin construction, Holly, our in-house designer, starts an inspiration board with exterior and interior photos to give potential buyers an idea of the finished product. This also helps when selecting tile, paint colors, and light fixtures.  She also drafts the spec sheet that details the finishes we plan to use.

The average time to build a home around 2000 square feet or less takes 5-6 months.  As we are 80-90 percent complete, I look toward our trustworthy real estate agent, Alice Walker, about the sales price of the home.  Once the home is 100% complete we start the codes final inspections and "sign-offs" to get the U&O (Use & Occupancy) Letter.  Similar to permitting to start there are several metro departments that need to review & inspect the home. 

 The last step: Marketing. We list the home on the MLS as well as social media outlets and our website. Soon after, we welcome a new homeowner.

Speaking of new homeowners, we have just listed 625 Waco A & B located in Charlotte Park neighborhood.  One home has a farmhouse yet modern feel while the other has a "transitional" style.

For more information visit our For Sale page at www.westnashvilleliving.com    

To setup a showing Contact Alice Walker, listing agent with Pilkerton Realtors:
 AWALKER@realtracs.com, 615-506-2425.