Row of remodeled and new construction homes on Illinois Ave

Row of remodeled and new construction homes on Illinois Ave

When I first started investing in real estate in 2002, I was looking at properties not only in Davidson County but in the surrounding counties as well. I ended up buying my first home in West Nashville on Frisco Avenue in the Croleywood neighborhood.  The second home I purchased, as a rental, was a 1 hour drive from my home. Big Mistake.  I continued to buy property in West Nashville, East Nashville and even Mount Juliet & Gallatin.  In 2005, I realized I needed to concentrate in one area of town so I would not be driving all over Middle Tennessee.   

Even back in 2005, before the current boom of new developments, I really loved the feel of West Nashville. The character of the different neighborhoods, the local amenities, and the convenience of a central location made it an easy choice to live and work in the area.

So, ask yourself: why should you live in West Nashville?

1) Historical Character: 

Sylvan Park, one of Nashville’s first planned subdivisions to give people a refuge from a dirty downtown, is now filled with retirees, college professors, avid dog walkers and couples pushing baby strollers.  The 1920’s clapboard homes and 1930’s stone bungalows are evenly mixed in with larger new construction homes.

The Nations, like so many urban Nashville communities, declined when relocation to suburban areas became popular in the 1950’s and 60’s.  But as Nashville has become the “IT” city so has The Nations become the “IT” neighborhood. Today, it consists of a good mix of working class with roots that go generations deep and eager residents wanting to call Nashville home.

Brookside, west of White Bridge road and filled with its picturesque brick homes, once housed returning WWII vets visiting and working at Thayer Memorial Veterans Affairs Hospital. That site is now part of the Richland Creek Greenway filled will joggers and bike riders.  Now Brookside is filled with native Nashvillians and Nashville new comers.  Like Nashville itself, some of the homes have been updated with painted brick and bright colored front doors.

 A little further west is Charlotte Park, a neighborhood designed to house workers from the Ford Glass plant.  This neighborhood is filled with small efficient post-WWII brick ranch homes lining appropriately named streets like “Thunderbird”, “Mercromatic”, and “Starliner.” Now, interior walls have been removed, small one-car garages converted into family rooms, and the homes are referred to as “mid century.”


2) Ever-Increasing Amenities:

The amenities in West Nashville are practically endless and include restaurants, thrift stores, local and big box retail shopping, parks, and numerous fitness locations.

Some local restaurants have stood the test of time, such as Bobbie's Dairy Dip, Wendell Smith's Meat & 3, and Bro's Cajun Cuisine (all located on Charlotte Avenue).  A great spring & summer spot tucked away in Charlotte Park is Blue Moon Waterfront located in the Rock Harbor Marina.  The old building got destroyed in the May 2010 flood, but the new and improved restaurant is situated where all the seating inside and out are open to the water.

There are new restaurants as well, recently opened and thriving, such as 51st Kitchen & Bar, one of the first sit-down restaurants in the Nations, Flip Burger at 42nd & Charlotte Avenue, and a small menu but great food at Centennial Bar on Centennial Blvd at 52nd Ave N.   

Some restaurants in the planning stage (or opening soon) are Edley's BBQ in Sylvan Park, The Nations Bar & Grill at 51st Ave & Georgia Ave, and a family-friendly restaurant in the old Stone Fox location. 

Thrift stores have been a staple on Charlotte Avenue for decades.  There are 3 thrift stores (Unique Thrift, Cool Stuff Weird Things, and Southern Thrift within 500 feet from each other. Goodwill & Lions Thrift Store are also on Charlotte Ave.  We like to donate items to This-N-That across the street from our office. All money raised there goes to support St. Luke's Community house, a non-profit with numerous programs, established in the Nations in 1913.

Whether shopping for household items, groceries, or jewelry, you can find what you need and want in West Nashville.  Since Nashville West shopping center has opened, it has been busy. Target, Dicks Sporting Goods, Best Buy, World Market are just a few of many who have located to the area. Can you believe some commercial experts said it would not work at that location?

There are also some great boutique & gift shops such as Fabu, Oak Nashville, and The Mill Boutique.  Gossage Jewelers has been in the Gossage family for four generations! They are located across Charlotte Ave from Bobbie's Dairy Dip and in front of Wendell Smith's.  My wife recently wanted an updated engagement ring and Chuck Gossage offered exceptional customer service and a great price. One of the nicest people you can meet.  Another convenience if you need some quick cash, there are a few pawn shops along Charlotte Ave. 

We are very fortunate to have numerous parks and green space in our city core.  West Nashville has several metro parks that have playgrounds, tennis courts, community centers, and golf courses.  Richland Park, West Park, Charlotte Park, McCabe Golf Course & Community Center, Centennial Park (home to the Parthenon), and Elmington Park are all just a few miles apart from each other.  If you want to go on a nice walk or bike ride there are entrances to Nashville's greenway in Sylvan Park and off White Bridge Road.  If you have kids, take a drive to Red Caboose Park in Bellevue where most of the playground is shaded and kids can play for hours.  Of course you can take a short drive down Highway 100 to Percy Warner & Edwin Warner Parks which consists of picnic areas, sports fields, hiking trails, a nature center and more on over 2500 acres combined. 

In the winter & summer when it is too hot or cold to play outside you can check out very affordable options to be active such as Climb Nashville, Yoga Harmony, Planet Fitness, Barre Amped, or Blooma Yoga. 

In summary, West Nashville is one of the fastest-growing areas in Nashville! With such rich historical character, it’s convenient and central location, and its ever-growing list of nearby amenities, it’s not hard to see why!