November Blog: West Nashville History Trivia

 Photo of the "Treaty Oak" near 61st & Louisiana Ave

Photo of the "Treaty Oak" near 61st & Louisiana Ave

This month I thought we would have a little fun & also learn a little about West Nashville history. There is a famous book called "West Nashville-its people & environs" written by Sarah Foster Kelley. The book was written in 1987 as a celebration of West Nashville's 100th birthday. 1887 was the year the Plan of West Nashville "New Town" was platted that consists of most of the Nations neighborhood today.

"West Nashville" is full of detailed history of people & places. There were only a few hundred copies published and so today the book is worth over $250. We have a copy at our office if you ever want to come by & browse thru it.

Play some trivia by answering the multiple choice questions.  Answers are at the end so don't cheat.

1) Who was the originator/developer of "New Town"?

                A) Dr. William Morrow

                B) Dr. Henry Pierce

                C) Colonel E.W. Cole

                D) Mark Cockrill

2) Who was the lead promoter of the "New Town" of West Nashville?

                A) James Robertson

                B) Mark Cockrill

                C) John Donelson

                D) John Cockrill

3)  Why were the street names named after States in "New Town"?

                A) To bring peace during Civil War times

                B) To help educate children on US geography

                C) To promote people from other states to move to West Nashville

                D) To resemble the game Monopoly

4) Approximately how many people showed up on the morning of May 24, 1887 for the auction of the lots for "New Town"?

                A) 500

                B) 1000

                C) 2000

                D) 5000

5) Why is the Nation's neighborhood called The Nations?

                A) James Robertson and tribal leaders of Chickasaw Nations signed a pact in this area

                B) Because of the state street names

                C) Named after the United Nations

                D) In memory of the Chickasaw Indian nation

6) Whose log cabin was relocated and today sits on Charlotte Pike near Nashville West Shopping Center?

                A) Isaac Johnson

                B) John Cockrill

                C) Mark Robertson

                D) James Robertson

7) Why did James Robertson name the creek flowing thru West Nashville, "Richland Creek"?

                A) Because of the rich people nearby

                B) The Indians called it Richland

                C) Because of the fertile creek bottomlands

                D) After his son, Richard

8) Who is Charlotte Avenue named after

                A) The city of Charlotte, NC

                B) Charlotte Rae

                C) Princess Charlotte

                D) Charlotte Robertson, wife of James Robertson

9) What business resides in the oldest building of the Richland Park Shopping District along Charlotte Avenue between 48th Ave N & 51st Ave N

                A) Global Education Center

                B) Rhino Bookstore

                C) Southern Thrift

                D) Cool Stuff Weird Things

10) Why are we naming our new development "Westwood Flats"?

                A) Because of all the natural resources of hardwoods in the area

                B) Because of nearby properties that used to be lumber yards

                C) Because of the former Bruce Hardwood flooring production plant on Centennial Blvd.

                D) All of the above


1) B: Dr. Henry Pierce was general manager of the Standard Charcoal Iron & Chemical Company before forming the land company with other prominent businessmen.

2) B: Mark Cockrill was the director of the Nashville Land Improvement Company. He founded Cockrill School and the Presbyterian Church of West Nashville. 

3) C: To promote people from other states to move to West Nashville

4) D: An astounding 5000 people showed up from all over such as the Pacific coast, Maine & Chicago.

5) A: James Robertson and tribal leaders met at the Treaty Oak (which once stood at the corner of  61st and Louisiana Ave) to sign a pact guaranteeing the rights of the Chickasaw Nations. There was a stone plaque below the tree and kids used to think an Indian was buried there.

6) D: James Robertson. The log cabin home was originally on James Avenue and was their home until they built Robertson's Travelers Rest (better known as "Richland") at 5904 Robertson Road.

7) C: Because of the fertile creek bottomlands.

8) D: Charlotte Robertson, wife of James Robertson. People who knew her said she was kind, tenderhearted, industrious and a friend of the poor.

9) A: Global Education Center. The building known as "Richland Hall" was built in 1894 by the Nashville Land Improvement Company where Mark Cockrill served as president.

10) All of the above


 Coming Soon:  Westwood Flats, a 4-unit Live/Work Community located in The Nations at New York Avenue & 57th Ave N.

Coming Soon:  Westwood Flats, a 4-unit Live/Work Community located in The Nations at New York Avenue & 57th Ave N.